WordPress Hosting Recommendations

WordPress Hosting Recommendations


WordPress hosting is much more than cheap pricing and meeting the minimum WordPress requirements. Choose from our pick of the best WordPress hosts that focus on performance and WordPress security.

Today, WordPress powers over 75,000,000 websites. This huge number of the market share means that there are hundreds of thousands of hosts that provide built-in support for WordPress. Services vary on a major scale from automatic installations to security and performance support. With this huge number, it’s really hard to choose what’s best for your next WordPress website.

A WordPress host, first of all, needs to satisfy minimum requirements for running WordPress and as you might already know, a lot of the hosts do. But meeting the minimum requirements doesn’t make a better host. There are a lot of other things that matter too. Performance and speed, site security and support for common tasks to successfully running a WordPress website.

During my time working as a WordPress developer, I’ve had to deal with a lot of web hosts. Some of them provided great support and fantastic support for WordPress and some were just offering cheaper prices. The below list of hosts offers a variety of services that a good WordPress host should.


Since 2005, BlueHost has been the #1 recommended hosting by WordPress.org. Alongside with its beginner-friendly user interface and fantastic support team, BlueHost combines a whole bund of great features from automatic WordPress installation and updates to a dedicated staging environment for easy and worry-free development and updates. Plus, if you signup for a yearly plan, you’ll get a free domain name for a year.

WP Engine

Since 2010, WP Engine has been providing premium WordPress hosting services to clients all over the world. WP Engine combines the simplicity of hosting a WordPress website with powerful tools that help you better manage your WordPress website. Starter plan at WP Engine offers free CDN & SSL for your website along with free migrations. Every plan includes 35+ StudioPress themes and genesis framework. It’s a little expensive than BlueHost but if you buy an annual plan, you get two months free 😍.


SiteGround’s Managed WordPress Hosting service offers free SSL and a 30-day backup in case things go south. Every plan offers Free branded email and built-in support for Cloudflare CDN service. Migrating your old website from another host to SiteGround is also free with the help of migrator plugin. Plus, it’s one of the three recommended hosting from WordPress.org.

So, which ones is the best?

I know as I said earlier, that some hosts just offer cheaper price tags and not the promised services, but this is not the case here. WP Engine, although, offers a lot of powerful tools and has been operating since 2010, let’s be honest, it’s a bit expensive as compared to the other two solutions.

While BlueHost offers a very attractive price plan of $3.95/month and is the #1 Managed WordPress Hosting provider out there, SiteGround here with the same price tag offers a lot more than WP Engine.

So, In my opinion, for someone who is just starting a new WordPress website, SiteGround is the best choice out there.

As web technologies keep evolving every day, hosts need to update accordingly and keep up with the pace. This article will be revisited and updated frequently.

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