Hello, WordPress;

This blog is (sort-of) my personal blog. I will be writing about WordPress. Anything and everything that interests me in WordPress eco system. Although, I am not very consistent at it. I am certainly going to try to make it a habit and write at least every week.


My name is Muhammad Arslan Aslam. I am a Software Engineer based in Lahore, Pakistan. I work as a Technical Team Lead at BrandJaws.

I have been working with WordPress for the past 5+ years. I have created several themes and plugins, done many customisations, launches dozens of successful magazines and eCommerce websites for clients mostly in Canada and United States.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been contributing towards Open Source software, which is a shame, I feel. But, through this blog, I will try to change that as well.

If you’re interested in hiring me, you can head out to my personal homepage here.

What are we writing about?

Well, I certainly do not have a solid plan. I did start a board on Notion a while ago when I initially got this domain. But I am not sure if that board is going to be of any help. So, for now, we’re just winging it.

If you have any content ideas, or if you wanna collaborate on some topics, feel free to head out to the contact page and drop me a message.

Let’s Start!

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