WordPress Hosting Recommendations

Today, WordPress powers over 75,000,000 websites. This huge number of the market share means that there are hundreds of thousands of hosts that provide built-in support for WordPress. Services vary on a major scale from automatic installations to security and performance support. With this huge number, it’s really hard to choose what’s best for your… Continue reading WordPress Hosting Recommendations

WP Security Audit Log, Track Everything 💯

Keeping WordPress secure is a full-time job. You have to keep an eye on every update, changes to the site and all kind of stuff that could risk the security of your WordPress site. To do just that, I use WP Security Audit Log plugin. The amount of information it gathers and comprehensive reviews make debugging a lot easier.… Continue reading WP Security Audit Log, Track Everything 💯

Hello, WordPress;

This blog is (sort-of) my personal blog. I will be writing about WordPress. Anything and everything that interests me in WordPress eco system. Although, I am not very consistent at it. I am certainly going to try to make it a habit and write at least every week. Introductions My name is Muhammad Arslan Aslam.… Continue reading Hello, WordPress;